Our Mission is to help people save money on all of the things they are now purchasing and to help them build a long-term sustainable business by showing other people how to save money. We want everyone connected with us to be able to change their Lifestyle.

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What We Offer

Discover the wonderful products that we have to offer.

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    Cash Back App

    Earn cash back for your purchases on top of the cash back that you already earn with your normal credit card. This app is loaded with benefits!

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    Lifestyle Savings Network

    Find great deals on everything! Concerts, hotels, restaurants, you name it, we've got it!

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    Veritas Health Solutions

    The Veritas Digital Care Plan provides valuable benefits so members can access care and services on their schedule for their unique needs.

  • How Does the Cash Back App Work?

    The cash you earn is yours to keep and is in addition to any credit or debit card rewards you currently receive. Your membership is FREE when you register with your Lifestyle Connections affiliated email address.

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Some of our Merchants

With over 250 merchants we're adding new stores as often as we can. Check out some of the participating merchants below:

  • Amazon
  • Lowes
  • Apple
  • AMC
  • Amtrak
  • Best Buy
  • GAP
  • Carnival
  • XBox
  • WWe
  • Microsoft
  • Adidas
  • Enjoy cash back on every purchase!

    Exclusively for our valued members - earn an average of 5.4% cash back on every purchase at over 250 national retailers, restaurants and travel brands.

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      From designer outlet stores to local shopping.

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      Eat out and earn money at the same time!

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      Tickets & Travel

      Reward yourself with a trip that pays you!

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  • Lifestyle Savings Network

    Whether booking a hotel from home or trying to find a deal when you are out, you can do it all with Lifestyle Savings Network.

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LSN is the premiere savings program designed to open up more earning possibilities for you.

Whether booking a hotel from home or trying to find a deal when you are out, you can do it all with Lifestyle Savings Network.

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    Easy To Use

    The Lifestyle Savings Network site and app are simple to use. Just search and save. Search zip codes to find deals around you.

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    On The Go

    Carry your savings with you! The mobile app can find you savings while you are out and about. Find your deal and show your phone at checkout.

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    Special Events

    Find deals for concerts and other special events in your area!

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    Exclusive Discounts

    Every Lifestyle Savings Network Member gets to receive an exclusive discount you can't find anywhere else.

iPhone App

Discounts on most major brands and up to 50% off at over 300,000 merchants.

Thanks to our relationship with over 300,000 merchants, no other Savings Network comes close to delivering more savings in more communities throughout America.

  • Automotive Services

  • Fashion & Apparel

  • Electronics

  • Groceries

  • Dining

  • Travel

  • Theme Parks

  • Movie Tickets and More

Health Care As It Should Be.

This service is available exclusively to Lifestyle Connections users for a special rate of $19.99/month. This is in addition to your Lifestyle Connections subscription cost.

  • Healthcare should be simple, fast and uncomplicated. Tele-medicine makes it easy to visit a doctor in minutes through our mobile app, online and by phone. Get access to quality healthcare without ever leaving your home, your job or wherever you are. Find out how easy it is to receive affordable, quality care without traveling to the doctor's office!

  • How Does This Work?

    Visit a doctor, counseler, psychiatrist or dermatologist by mobile app, video or phone.

    Visits are convenient, private and secure.

    Avoid the inconvenience and high costs of going to the emergency room or urgent care center.

    Prescriptions can be sent directly to your local pharmacy if medically necessary.

  • Veritas Health Solutions

    With super convient access to medical professionals, Veritas Health Solutions also provides you with special access to Life Insurance, Medical Cost Sharing and more. Click the links below to find out.

    • Life Insurance
    • Medical Cost Sharing
    • Additional Benefits
    • Life Insurance

      1. Primary member is automatically covered with $10,000 of life insurance as a part of the plan.

      2.Next level plan includes additional $10,000 of life insurance coverage for a spouse or significant other

      3. Up to $25,000 of children’s life insurance coverage with the benefit doubling in the event of a death by accident available for an additional premium charge

      4. Benefits can be used for final expenses, pay estate expenses or member can tithe to church

      5. Group term life insurance coverage plan, no one can be denied if they enroll through the digital health plan

    • Instead of paying monthly premiums to an insurance company, members share a given amount on a monthly basis and draw from community funds as medical their needs arise.

      Monthly shares are generally lower than typical insurance premiums. Through our medical cost sharing model, members save between 30 – 50% of the costs that are typically incurred with health insurance plans.
    • Additional Benefits

      Prescription Rx
      A preferred drug list offering over 200 drugs at no cost and over 600 for under $25. 65,000+ pharmacies plus mail order prescription drugs

      Hearing Services
      Provides network of providers and deep discounts on equipment

      Vision Benefits
      Exams and glasses provided at deeply discounted prices
  • Lifestyle Connections Opportunity

    It is like nothing else you have seen before. We took the stability of the Unilevel and empowered it with a placement feature! Get rewarded for what you do while helping other people! Now you can build a team that is stronger than ever. Every Member of your team is linked in a way that rewards them for giving others the leg up! There has never been a way to pay it forward like this!

    • 7 Ways To Earn

    • 1. 50/50 Infinity Customer Bonus

    • 2. 50/50 Infinity 30-Day Fast Start Bonus

    • 3. Infinity Residual Uni-level Commissions

    • 4. Rank Advancement Bonuses

    • 5. Leadership Bonus Pools

    • 6. Lifestyle Destination Trips

    • 7. High Powered Recognition & Rewards

    • View the Complete Rewards Package Here

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